Saturday, April 18, 2009


Finally i've managed to persuade my parents to do something about the disturbance that we have been experiencing since 15 years ago when we shifted into our current double-storey house.Is there really a "disturbance" occuring within our supposedly to be a "stress-free" house? Or was it only the play of our thoughts? I have no idea...For everyone's info,before my house was built back in 1993,the site used to be a rubber estate which is situated on top of a hill. After is had been vanished,the area started to develop and more residential areas were starting to appear. These are the sightings that we've experienced throughout the 15 years:-

1) I used to see a little girl with her white shirt running upwards on my staircase with her teddy bear on the left hand.

2)My sis saw a white-figured like shirt seeped through my room's door.

3)When my dad was off to work in the morning while my mom was still in bed,she felt someone rolling on the bed beside her and she felt the heat of the spot.

4)When me & my sis were having home tuition at downstairs while her friends were at upstairs,her friends heard my sis' voice calling one of her friends while knocking on the door,they opened it but no one was there.

5)At one midnite,my sis n my maid heard the repetitive banging(opening & closing)of the toilet door and the toilet bowl cover.

6)At midnite,my sis heard someone was washing his/her hands in the toilet.Right after that, my maid screamed very loudly.

7)Right after my 4th maid came along,her son died from a motorcycle accident.

8)I realised that one spot of the floor in my room was hotter than the other places.(According to Ash,there was a kid sitting or standing on that spot...)

9)In 1998,Jamie saw a person appeared right at the back of her sis' curtain from the outside of the window and an old carrying a baby near the window of the side house.She burst into tears after that.

10)My sis saw a man(his hairstyle was back in the 1940's) sitting at our couch in our living hall.

11)Some housewives saw a white figure with a long hair appeared in front of the house at the backyard and the playground.
12)My sis(since 5 years ago)and my dad felt a strong pressure exerted on top her while she was asleep at night(she was immobile for a few minutes).

13)When i was listening to my hi-fi,the volume turned to minimum all of a sudden.When i adjusted back to the normal volume,it kept against me until i was really mad that i stomped my foot on the floor and it stopped.There's once the volume even had been turned to maximum suddenly.

14)My sis & my dad had the same dream when they were asleep at the same time right one after another.(They dreamt about an old lady...)

15)Guests that had come to our house didn't feel easy after staying for a while.

Jamie's mom had brought us to a chinese medium to seek some advice.After giving my sis' chinese birth date and our house address,the medium(an old aunty)concluded that we've been "visited" by our ancestors and has been given "signals"...(as we don't have any altar for our ancestors at home)...she suggested that we sprinkle some rice+tea leaves to all of the woods,tiles and bricks that is located in the south-east of our house. She also has given my sis some amulet and some guidelines on what to buy to pay respect to the ancestors and the "passerby". We have bought paper-made cash,shirts and a lot of others (which is used for chinese ritual prayers)to burn for the ancestors(as a sign for their usage in their world).Hope that we can really being "released" after all the rituals. *Fingers crossed*