Thursday, May 7, 2009

Common asked and to ask questions during interviews

Common questions include:

-What do you consider to be your major strengths?
-What do you consider to be your major weaknesses?
-Why do you want to work for this company?
-What are your short-term goals?
-Where do you see yourself in five years?
-What did you like most about your last job?
-What did you like least about your last job?
-How would your coworkers describe you?
-How do you manage multiple tasks/projects? Please give an example.
-How do you deal with stress and/or deadlines? Please give an example.
-Do you prefer to work independently or within a team?
-Why should I hire you?

Good questions:

What are the primary duties of this position?
What do you consider the most important skills or traits for someone in this position?
How would you describe a typical day in this position?
What is the standard schedule for this position?
Why are you looking to fill this position?
How would you describe your management style?
What are the short and long-term goals for this position?
Do you expect significant organizational changes in the near future?
What are the prospects for advancement in this position?
What are the next steps in the hiring process?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Japan Craze?

I've just bought myself a lot of japanese ornamental stuff these while. Just came back from IOI mall with 3 new ornaments from DAISO(All RM5 Japanese stuff) outlet. The guy at the cashier was like: "Wow,u've really bought a lot of "flags" hor..."...LOL...Jamie & my sis felt quite awkward about what i've bought...they said it will attract the spirits of the Japanese soldiers around..(touch wood)

a 60cm X 90cm polyester Japanese flag from DAISO

a polyester matsuri from DAISO

polyester made carp-shaped streamers from DAISO

my nendoroids and some miscellanous

ayu posters

ayu albums

my pokemon

and my Manga....


Finally i've managed to persuade my parents to do something about the disturbance that we have been experiencing since 15 years ago when we shifted into our current double-storey house.Is there really a "disturbance" occuring within our supposedly to be a "stress-free" house? Or was it only the play of our thoughts? I have no idea...For everyone's info,before my house was built back in 1993,the site used to be a rubber estate which is situated on top of a hill. After is had been vanished,the area started to develop and more residential areas were starting to appear. These are the sightings that we've experienced throughout the 15 years:-

1) I used to see a little girl with her white shirt running upwards on my staircase with her teddy bear on the left hand.

2)My sis saw a white-figured like shirt seeped through my room's door.

3)When my dad was off to work in the morning while my mom was still in bed,she felt someone rolling on the bed beside her and she felt the heat of the spot.

4)When me & my sis were having home tuition at downstairs while her friends were at upstairs,her friends heard my sis' voice calling one of her friends while knocking on the door,they opened it but no one was there.

5)At one midnite,my sis n my maid heard the repetitive banging(opening & closing)of the toilet door and the toilet bowl cover.

6)At midnite,my sis heard someone was washing his/her hands in the toilet.Right after that, my maid screamed very loudly.

7)Right after my 4th maid came along,her son died from a motorcycle accident.

8)I realised that one spot of the floor in my room was hotter than the other places.(According to Ash,there was a kid sitting or standing on that spot...)

9)In 1998,Jamie saw a person appeared right at the back of her sis' curtain from the outside of the window and an old carrying a baby near the window of the side house.She burst into tears after that.

10)My sis saw a man(his hairstyle was back in the 1940's) sitting at our couch in our living hall.

11)Some housewives saw a white figure with a long hair appeared in front of the house at the backyard and the playground.
12)My sis(since 5 years ago)and my dad felt a strong pressure exerted on top her while she was asleep at night(she was immobile for a few minutes).

13)When i was listening to my hi-fi,the volume turned to minimum all of a sudden.When i adjusted back to the normal volume,it kept against me until i was really mad that i stomped my foot on the floor and it stopped.There's once the volume even had been turned to maximum suddenly.

14)My sis & my dad had the same dream when they were asleep at the same time right one after another.(They dreamt about an old lady...)

15)Guests that had come to our house didn't feel easy after staying for a while.

Jamie's mom had brought us to a chinese medium to seek some advice.After giving my sis' chinese birth date and our house address,the medium(an old aunty)concluded that we've been "visited" by our ancestors and has been given "signals"...(as we don't have any altar for our ancestors at home)...she suggested that we sprinkle some rice+tea leaves to all of the woods,tiles and bricks that is located in the south-east of our house. She also has given my sis some amulet and some guidelines on what to buy to pay respect to the ancestors and the "passerby". We have bought paper-made cash,shirts and a lot of others (which is used for chinese ritual prayers)to burn for the ancestors(as a sign for their usage in their world).Hope that we can really being "released" after all the rituals. *Fingers crossed*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saliva War between fans of both parties

「10」下一步超越濱崎步 布姊公開對嗆「依林」?
誰抄誰惹風波,jolin濱崎步兩人同發片,廣告文宣上「巧思」,卻意外成為粉絲互相叫囂、對尬的工具。濱崎步新專輯「NEXT LEVEL 新起步」,為了紀念演藝事業邁入第11年,因此新專輯廣告主打「10下一步 超越濱崎步」,「10」被解釋成「依林」,意指jolin抄襲布姊成性,引起jolin粉絲怒罵的口水之戰。
Jolin濱崎步抄襲風波吵不完,碰巧兩人新專輯發行日都在27日,顯得有對尬意味。這次濱崎步在台廣告預告主打「10下一步 超越濱崎步」,乍聽之下,宛若「依林」下一步,引起網友高度討論,有人將矛頭指向jolin抄襲風波,也有人批鬥濱崎步試圖炒作「抄襲新聞」。
濱崎步新專輯廣告「10下一步 超越濱崎步」,所屬公司愛貝克思副總梁秩誠表示,3月24日播出的廣告,短短10秒,希望能製造出神秘感,絕不是想跟別的藝人相較,希望歌迷們能輕鬆看待這件事情。「10下一步 超越濱崎步」廣告即將遭撤換,3月27號後起,廣告將改成「出道10周年,超越自己,濱崎步]

We've been fooled in April!

Me and Ash were enjoying our suppers and the horror movie in our college's warung...suddenly i've recieved an SMS from Kim Lai asking me to watch TV2 on that time when the clock struck 12am not long before...he said that Sungai Wang had been attacked by terrorists' blast where 96 people were dead,70+ people were injured and 20+ people gone missing and the whole building of Sungai Wang collapsed! I didn't even hesitate or bother to scroll down the SMS further and asked Ash to get the permission from the warung owner to switch the channel to news were broadcasted at any of the local channels at that time. And I found out that I've being fooled when I scrolled down the SMS....malu I~~~We felt like morons at that moment,crows flew here and there~~~~we couldn't even reply any SMS or called because even Maxis service provider played a trick on us for that whole nite until the next morning....
On the next day of April's fool,the team had been informed to wear formal attire for a meeting with the master regarding their achievement(actually it was a trick)...there are some members who really believed it and wore it~~~LOL.....Happy April Fool~~ ; p

The last concert...

The choir team had been working very hard for 25th March 2009,the day that kept us waiting for the longest. Everyone especially the seniors worried the most for this time round compared to the previous ones due to some new+never-before-seen problems encountered(this should be referred back to the grandmother stories back in 2008). I've joined back the team 2 weeks before the competition day as a pasu bunga because my members & peers kept reminding me that this might be the last time for to stand on the stage with them as i will be graduating in mid-year. I was worried too at the same time because I didn't know how to sing both of the songs well as I've never attended any of the practices. I've managed to appear twice for the practice within the 2 weeks. I should say that i picked up quite fast because I've was quite familiar with the songs as I've listened to the team singing them before although i still make some mistakes and having trouble memorising the lyrics... : p

During the pre-competition week,almost everyone were suffering from sorethroats,coughs, and lost of voice. And this included me as well which i didn't even know how i can get it..maybe it's due to the contagious virus. Wherever i go,for sure i can hear coughing sound without if i've caught an acute bronchitis or something...i have not recovered even until now...T_T...everyone took extra care of their voices in terms of their food intakes and all(excluding me...LOL). The team even had a movie session(The Lion King) as well as a sharing session to bring up the emotion and was no doubt that the seniors were quite emotional throughout the week where they cried a lot...for instance,MC cried as well as the other 3rd years cried when they were singing our past competition song "Belaian Jiwa"...(u guys miss me issit?LOL... : P)...Actually from the bottom of my heart,I do feel very bad and left out whenever I didn't join them or even teach the juniors properly as i felt that we are one and I should have been more matured in time management...T_T...please forgive once again...

On the competition day itself, I didn't join the team for the rehearsal as I was having an exam on the exact time of the rehearsal starts...and that even attracted a spy that followed the team round and round like a merry-go round...LOL...Right after lunch time,everyone started busying with their make-ups and all...and as usual, "Terence's Salon" was launched once again...luckily I had some assistant like Spring & Chun Hui to help me out...after putting up the costumes and dinner, we had an extra session of exercise(1st time for the my 3 years on a competition day)during the warm up(the invisible chair)...I guessed that helped to do some final touch up to our voice qualities due to the emerging of some new strong rivals... : p....The prayers were quite special this time as I can notice that ES was reading it from a paper?(i guessed)...after ES finished the prayers,he came in between me and Spring and held our hands very tightly...I couldn't stand Abang Soo's prayers and I've just teared with the others...MC cried very badly as she had totally lost her voice and insisted us to sing for her...T_T

Once we've reached DTC, the juniors were quite nervous especially Ah Hee where he kept telling me and yee chang that he was nervous...awwhh...adorable~~I've acted like a clown in order to keep everyone stay calm...during our singing,the seniors were quite shocked with the effect,Shiao Tan broke down to tears when the 1st shivering line of the song was sung(MC was the pasu bunga of the melody,left Mian Yi singing alone)everyone was very nervous...after the singing,everyone was so relieved and even Ying Chong cried..LOL...i was quite disappointed when ES told me that the basses couldn't be heard...I've guessed that for sure that this time would be different and we couldn't expect for the 1st placing anymore...everyone was screaming in joy when we were running towards the front of DTC...MC broke down and cried again and all the 3rd years including Mandy,Ash,Me,Guang Han and Spring hugged her and cried as well...T_T(a lot of crying huh)....

The most heart stopping moment came when the result was about to be announced...Ray was very worried and started to cry while Shiao Tan held his hands and tried to calm him down...all of us were holding each others hands...everyone was quite relieved when 6th got the 3rd placing...the most exciting moment was when the 2nd place were to be belongs to the 2nd college...everyone was shocked~~at that point,I've guessed that everyone knew the answer for the next placing...once it was announced,we jumped so hardly to the air with joy...all of us cried and hugged each other..."I couldn't believe it!We've done it,Terence,we've done it!!" Ash yelled in tears...the other audiences were staring at us as if we were the actors of a drama!
It was indeed unbelievable and out of our expectations...

As usual,we went to celebrate the achievement at the McDonald's in SS14...we had a lot of crazy moments in the party room that really annoyed the other customers of the outlet... : p... Once again,thank you to all the mentors and members that gave each others a chance to have such a splendid moment of this lifetime...

I wished that we will never say good-bye~~~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lights off on 28th March 2009

"Turn off your lights if you're still an earthling on 28th March 2009 for one hour between 8.30pm til 9.30pm"...this campaign is about to flare up on that day itself in conjunction with the nation's realisation on the global warming issue locally in our beloved and united country Malaysia..This campaign had not been a new issue in the western countries since 2007...can the nation prove that we're united as a whole to cope with all the mess we had done since the first day we'd stepped into this world?do all the people think that they're part of the planet's residents as well? Why human beings like to take things for granted once they had a way in achieving for luxury? Selfishness & thoughts of "come what may" are the answers i guess..or maybe they are having a thinking of global warming is fated and shouldn't be bothered about because they don't live in this world for long,so they don't give a damn on it...maybe this is some kind of karma to the human race as they are experiencing the consequences for what they had done to their motherland for centuries...i was acknowledged that 8TV will not be broadcasting on that hour to support the campaign...local earthlings will give excuses like:

1. "Are u crazy or that lame??"

2. "I don't nid to study issit?"

3." U think i'm so free ah?I don't have better things to do meh?"

4. "Aiyo,like tat mai very hot lo?"(stupid,no one ask u to switch off ur fans or air-cons or wateva)

5."Cannot la,i hv date tat nite"

6."Huh,i wil b having my favourite drama "XXX" on tat time itself leh~~"

7."OMG..wat am i gonna do in the dark 4 tat one hour?"

8. " I hv assignments 2 do la...tak boleh"

9. " U off urself la,im not tat "chee seen"(means nuts in cantonese)"

10."Kee Siao ah...wa bo eng leh!!"

LOL~~~~support 60 hours Earth Day...regards