Thursday, April 2, 2009

We've been fooled in April!

Me and Ash were enjoying our suppers and the horror movie in our college's warung...suddenly i've recieved an SMS from Kim Lai asking me to watch TV2 on that time when the clock struck 12am not long before...he said that Sungai Wang had been attacked by terrorists' blast where 96 people were dead,70+ people were injured and 20+ people gone missing and the whole building of Sungai Wang collapsed! I didn't even hesitate or bother to scroll down the SMS further and asked Ash to get the permission from the warung owner to switch the channel to news were broadcasted at any of the local channels at that time. And I found out that I've being fooled when I scrolled down the SMS....malu I~~~We felt like morons at that moment,crows flew here and there~~~~we couldn't even reply any SMS or called because even Maxis service provider played a trick on us for that whole nite until the next morning....
On the next day of April's fool,the team had been informed to wear formal attire for a meeting with the master regarding their achievement(actually it was a trick)...there are some members who really believed it and wore it~~~LOL.....Happy April Fool~~ ; p

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  1. hehehe...i'll never forget that night la;) so embarassing~~