Saturday, April 18, 2009

Japan Craze?

I've just bought myself a lot of japanese ornamental stuff these while. Just came back from IOI mall with 3 new ornaments from DAISO(All RM5 Japanese stuff) outlet. The guy at the cashier was like: "Wow,u've really bought a lot of "flags" hor..."...LOL...Jamie & my sis felt quite awkward about what i've bought...they said it will attract the spirits of the Japanese soldiers around..(touch wood)

a 60cm X 90cm polyester Japanese flag from DAISO

a polyester matsuri from DAISO

polyester made carp-shaped streamers from DAISO

my nendoroids and some miscellanous

ayu posters

ayu albums

my pokemon

and my Manga....


  1. OK, now ur room looks like an tradition Otaku room with comics and those lil toys....

  2. your "japan" collection is kinda cool . :)