Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lights off on 28th March 2009

"Turn off your lights if you're still an earthling on 28th March 2009 for one hour between 8.30pm til 9.30pm"...this campaign is about to flare up on that day itself in conjunction with the nation's realisation on the global warming issue locally in our beloved and united country Malaysia..This campaign had not been a new issue in the western countries since 2007...can the nation prove that we're united as a whole to cope with all the mess we had done since the first day we'd stepped into this world?do all the people think that they're part of the planet's residents as well? Why human beings like to take things for granted once they had a way in achieving for luxury? Selfishness & thoughts of "come what may" are the answers i guess..or maybe they are having a thinking of global warming is fated and shouldn't be bothered about because they don't live in this world for long,so they don't give a damn on it...maybe this is some kind of karma to the human race as they are experiencing the consequences for what they had done to their motherland for centuries...i was acknowledged that 8TV will not be broadcasting on that hour to support the campaign...local earthlings will give excuses like:

1. "Are u crazy or that lame??"

2. "I don't nid to study issit?"

3." U think i'm so free ah?I don't have better things to do meh?"

4. "Aiyo,like tat mai very hot lo?"(stupid,no one ask u to switch off ur fans or air-cons or wateva)

5."Cannot la,i hv date tat nite"

6."Huh,i wil b having my favourite drama "XXX" on tat time itself leh~~"

7."OMG..wat am i gonna do in the dark 4 tat one hour?"

8. " I hv assignments 2 do la...tak boleh"

9. " U off urself la,im not tat "chee seen"(means nuts in cantonese)"

10."Kee Siao ah...wa bo eng leh!!"

LOL~~~~support 60 hours Earth Day...regards

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  1. You did well on this post, it's exactly what I think about this campaign... Give me five bro !!! So let's make it that day, surprisingly my mom just agree to off the light on that hour!!! So if you are at home that night, we can cam-whore in darknesss...hohoho..