Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5 days in "Fragrant Harbour"

With only a total of 3 hours sleep the night before,we departed from LCCT at about 6am on 13th of Dec 2008. A total of 4 hours flight was needed in order to reach HK's international airport that situated on the southern island. Along with us were none of the other tourists that accompanied us throughout the whole journey but only ourselves. Once reached the airport,we met up one of the tour's representative at one of the corner. I was pissed off with the delay & the unsystematic arrangement of the tour as well as a cocky face shown by one of the male worker there. Only a couple & 3 of us were sent to our respective hotels by such a big tour cab.

The temperature during daytime was quite cooling. Across the straits, we were sent to one of an infamous Stanford hotel in Soy Street of Mongkok, Kowloon city. According to the itinerary,we were supposedly to be left freestyle for the 1st whole day. We had lunch in one of the un-spacious casual restaurant. The meal was quite filling as for it's price of RM11!

An expensive meal at "Soy Street" Mongkok

My next target was to search for Sino Plaza that situated beside Nathan Road according to the map i've studied. John(HK net pal)was the one who guided that i can get a copy of ayu's album cheaply at that spot. In my surprise,the journey was not far and i finally managed to get it cheaply(RM60 in HK version but RM90 for M'sian version locally)with a free poster..^^. Next,we walked around the famous "Lady street" or "Tung Choi street". It is retail street which is similar to local's Petaling Street. Another thing that pissed me off was a young lady tourist without her own manners as well as the other promoters. My mom spent quite a time to "fool around"(bargain) with one of dealer there. We went back to our hotel for a rest at 4pm(as we had only 3 hours sleep b4).

Busy streets of Mongkok

After having our expensive dinner in one of the restaurant at the same street, we proceed to our exploration again around Mongkok again. The place was crowded till the extend that roads built specially of vehicles had became pathment for the crowd. Mongkok street was just like an open-air shopping paradise with each retail outlets situated in each of the packed buildings. As we walked along the streets,we came into a road block where a lot of ppl surrounded to have a look and wondered what was happening with all the police & news-reporters gathered and a fire brigade stopped by.

Live TVB-like police action at Mongkok

The whole scenario was just like a "live" TVB drama that we M'sian watch at home.LOL.After watching a news live broadcast back in the hotel,we were acknowledged that the incident was actually an acid-spill case. 2 bottles of acid-contained chemical were thrown from the top of the building by the suspect that hurt 45 ppl in the crowd at 5pm. They suffered from skin irritation & burning. Another case that happened on the same day at Tung Choi street was a brick was flung down to the crowd where the plastic roof cover was torn by the impact. Fortunately no one was hurt and the suspect had been arrested. (Phew! luckily we were not there at that time)

The next morning,we were brought by the tour guide along with other singaporean tourists for a day-long city tour after a sumptious dim-sum breakfast. We had trips to the jewellery manufacturer,the herbs outlets as well as the famous Jumbo floating restaurant.

Out of a sudden,we encountered a live TVB shooting session~~^^.. After lunch, together with a singaporean family,we departed to Shenzhen by MRT. Since this was our 1st time in HK,we had no idea that we were not allowed to take the VIP transit. Along the journey,we were confronted by a few guards after they had checked out tickets. We were chased off from the transit and told that we were to be fined for HK$500(RM250) each. We were forgiven as that was our very 1st time.They copied down our details to ensure that we will never use the same reason to take the VIP transit again~~WTH!! As we'd reached Shenzhen province,we were welcomed by a cantonese tour-guide. after leaving our belongings,we were brought to a nearby "Pasar Malam". We were warned of famous pick pockets around the area. As compared to HK, this place was as crowded but it is dirty & the ppl are even cockier!

The 3rd day we gathered with tourists of our own origin,Malaysians. After breakfast, we were brought to several places like the tea & chinese medicince outlets. Every tourist were entitle for a free consultation by the chinese medicine practitioners. I was "diagnosed" that i will be facing liver disorders due to my bad lifestyle(sleeping late & facing the PC most of the time).. swt!!! In spite of having a bad rash on my arm,i had a couple of beers during lunch.. T_T...it became more & more swollen.

Our next stop after lunch was the Cultural Village. We spent our whole afternoon & nite there. I was really dumbfounded by both of the cultural shows. It was AWESOME!! The dancers were so so professional & the costume was more than glamourous. The lightings,the effects,the fireworks,the waterfall and all was...WOW!!The show last for a total of an hour. I can't imagine that they can have so many dancers(at about more than 100) on stage and the costume changing was so fast! Then they need more than 200 dancers?? One of the tourist from penang(a Hokkien uncle) was pissed off when he couldn't enter the village again once he had exited(the ticket was entitled for a single entry,a 2nd entry has to be approved by an accompiment with the respective tour-guide). He started to blame the tour-guides & showing his moody behaviour throughout the whole dinner. Being a tour-guide is not an easy job as well.

3 KL beauties & the tour guide

The start of the our 4th day was welcomed by a delay in breakfast. We will be leaving from Shenzhen to HK again today. As we were gathering our belongings underneath the travelling cab, we were given nasty piece of minds by the mainland driver. In spite of giving a good service to us,he expect us to pass all the others' belongings one by one to him by scolding us. During the journey, the driver was very pissed off & started his cursings when he knew that he need to fetch us for a long distance without being acknowledged by the headquarter? Every tourists was shocked & wondering what was going with that man...To show his anger,he'd proven to us by his frequent emergency breaks! Kent(the penang tour guide) tried to calm him down like a baby by giving him sweets! Once we had reached the HK-Shenzhen border custom,we met back the previous singaporean family & had our trip back again to HK. My rashes had worsened by night. I'd seeked through the Mongkok streets again for any pharmacies. The pharmacist gave me an idea that i need to be admitted to the hospital as my rash looked like some kind of burns...he prescribed an anti-histamine cream & a few tablets. Fortunately, the prescriptions were like miracle-remedy,my rash subsided immediately the next morning.

Ocean Park

The last day was a trip to the famous HK Ocean Park. It was delayed again due to mishap happened where the bus broke its own side mirror. The whole 50 cm mirror was crashed & lied on the road in pieces. We needed to wait for another tour bus to proceed our journey. Ocean Park was out of my expectations where all the games are separated far apart by hills & valleys. To reach the top spot of the park,tourist need to go thru as many as 4 long escalators(about 100meters each). We left the park at 2pm to fight with the time to have our last walk in Mongkok streets again,retrieve our belongings & off to the airport~~ It was 17th Dec 2008 by then..."see u again" to HK~~~

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