Monday, March 16, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary

She marked the starting point of my UM journey in 2006 june when she released her summer single "BLUE BIRD". She was introduced to me by my HK net pal. Upon my curiosity towards her masterpieces,i'd tried downloading her songs like HEAVEN,Carols...etc..surprisingly this blonde wannabe japanese lady captured my attention through her "noisy" melodies and her sassy,outrageous images..she's the only one that i've wasted most of my $$$,energy,time & effort...what is the point actually?and what do i get from it? Maybe it's still the same immature,old habit of crazy-ing over stars...

My latest album collection of hers~~

My latest poster collection of hers~~

i used 2 get annoyed by her fake eyes & rumours that she was a porn-star & gone thru several plastic surgeries(which i believe are untrue) i get to noe her more, she actually writes all her songs,co-composed & produces her tours as well... As the saying goes "Nothing is perfect in this world", she can't speak good english, sing good mandarin, or even having a height of a super-model..she had lost hearing of her left ear due to over-exposure to loud noise.She had never given up on her dreams in spite of her hearing problem.i remembered that she quoted that she will continue her journey until she loses both of her hearings.her wish?praying that her voice can be sent to our hearts & persist eternally(from her classic song "Who..").

My drawing of her "Mirrorcle World" single

My drawing of her "Secret" album~~

A recent shot of her while recording in a studio

April of 2008 marked her 10th anniversary of her career in the music conjunction with this big year,she held a year-long continous tour in several asian countries like Japan,China,Taiwan and HK;released 10th anniversary singles like "Mirrorcle World" & "GREEN/Days"...she had never stopped working and even insisted of performing 4 her recent CDL 08/09 concert in 31/12/2008 with her sprained arm during her rehearsal..her latest is a theme track for this year's "Dragonball Evolution" movie named "Rule"... How long i can last on her? it's yet to be known

Her new album "NEXT LEVEL" due 25th March 2009

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