Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bringing music to the NEXT LEVEL

To mark the start of her new journey on the 11th year (2009) of her career after her 10th anniversary,J-pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki will be releasing her 10th studio album titled "NEXT LEVEL" on 25th of March 2009(Wednesday) worldwide right after her release of her latest single "Rule/Sparkle". Her upcoming album will be released in a total of 4 different versions (1st: 2CD+1DVD ; 2nd: 1CD+1DVD ; 3rd: 1CD ; 4th: USB). The 1st version will come with an extra audio-recorded of her premium countdown live 2008/2009.

The ordinary audio CD(non-live)will contain a total of 13 tracks(yet to be confirmed) which will include her recent singles like GREEN/Days,Rule/Sparkle & hopefully Mirrorcle World as well because there are some sources claimed that the particular single will not be included,wonder why...but it's yet to be revealed after 25th of February...^^...

The DVD itself will include a total of 6 PV's and 6 PV's making of's..kinda disappointing to me cuz it's quite a few PV's included as there will be only 2 new PV's...unlike for (miss)understood(2005's album) which have a total of 9 PV's...how disappointing...isn't it?LOL...

Something new that she's experimenting is that the 4th version of NEXT LEVEL will be in a 2.0GB USB form. The USB will include all of the 13 tracks as well as all the 6 PV's & making-of's in the form of MP4. She planned to release it in this way because she can observe that the way people listen to music evolves for time to time. Previously people will just play their favourite cassettes & CD's but now MP3 players are everywhere to be seen.

The tracklist of the CD will be as follow:

  1. Bridge to the Sky

  2. Next Level

  3. Disco-munication

  4. EnergizE

  5. Sparkle

  6. rollin'

  7. GREEN

  8. Load of the Shugyo

  9. identity

  10. Rule

  11. LOVE 'n' HATE

  12. Pieces of Seven

  13. Days

  14. Curtain Call

The cover of her new album~~

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